WATCH | Dineo Langa shows off her pipes during Solo’s lockdown session

img The Queen star joined her hubby Solo for a freestyle session this week and showed she’s got proper pipes for the people!

In the session, posted to Solo’s Instagram page on Thursday, Dineo laid down a verse for Solo to kick off from and then shut it all down with a powerful performance at the end.

“I just want to know. Don’t you sugar coat. Say it all if you want. Could you tell it like it is. Pretty little fears. Music to my ears,” she sang, really getting into it.

Solo was also feeling it, calling the freestyle “dope”.

When it was all done, the couple encouraged all their followers to stay indoors and wash their hands.

Soapie vacuum looms as ‘The Queen’ halts production

img The Queen’s reign as DStv’s highest-rated soapie could be over.

Connie Ferguson, who runs Ferguson Films with her husband, Shona, told the Sunday Times: “We will not be able to deliver that content by the end of May. There’s so much going on behind the scenes. We are thinking about how we’re going to survive as a company, but not only that, we are thinking how are we going to help our people.”

Last week Ferguson Films sent cast and crew of the drama series a memo outlining measures the company would take in view of the extension of the national lockdown.

The Fergusons had planned to extend filming by four weeks to complete the fourth season. However, the contracts of the cast and crew expire at the end of May and with the uncertainty, no renewals can be done.

Dineo Langa, who plays Kea in The Queen, said even though she had additional income from voiceover work she’d still feel the pinch if there was a salary cut.

“It’s bittersweet — you understand that it’s imperative but at the same time everything you’re committed to financially looks you in the face with a very grim look.”

Shona, who is executive producer, said staff would receive their full salaries for April, and there were ongoing discussions with Mzansi Magic.

Dineo Langa features on husband, Solo’s latest 5AM Freestyle

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In case you missed it, the lockdown gave my person the perfect excuse to challenge me to dust off those vocals yesterday. He chose 6lack’s Pretty Little Fears for us to jump onto…