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【0.6 秒的蝦皮進站聲花兩週製作】台灣首例電商與捷運合作,社群擴散背後的行銷策略是什麼?


ChoozMo created an AI Spokesgirl for product explainer video

The leading AI-avatar startup in Taiwan has created an AI Spokesgirl for product explainer video. Explainer videos are short marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service.



For women, there's a huge difference between physical intimacy and having sex

I understand, having lived primarily as a man my whole life, that intimacy and sex are often considered synonyms, or at the very least, kids who share the same forehead and are constantly assumed to be twins.

North Korean trade hit more by COVID-19 than sanctions

North Korea’s closure of borders to safeguard the country from the pandemic is dealing a bigger blow to trade with the isolated economy than international sanctions, according to a report by a trade association in Seoul.


資源回收害同學斷牙得賠52萬/單親貧童沿 Workforme (′‧ω‧‵) 1.


門牙斷了怎麼辦 twin1949tw (台北Station) 剛才吃雞排吃到一半

Sex Education season 3 first look pictures revealed

Sex Education season 3 is on its way. The new series began production in September 2020, but now we’ve got our first proper look at some action from the set, courtesy of Tanya Lou Reynolds, who plays Lily in the show.

Supreme Court upholds fine for judge in secret sex tape case

Image: Jarno Kuusinen / AOP Finland’s Supreme Court has upheld a previous ruling by an appeal court, which fined a Helsinki District Court judge for inadvertently disclosing the names of victims recorded in secret sex tapes.

Bali-based actress Jessica Iskandar appears unfazed amid alleged sex tape scandal

Indonesians have been kept busy with several celebrity scandals in the past few days, one of which allegedly involves actress Jessica “Jedar” Iskandar. Jedar’s name came up as the woman on a widely circulating sex tape that went viral over the weekend, which has since been indirectly described by the actress’ sibling as part of a “black campaign.